Sativa Power


„Being vegan means that you try your best to cause as little suffering as possible. A psychedelic experience has a huge impact on our life and behavior because of the real understanding of the inter-connectedness of all beings and things, the non-separation, the oneness. As shamans say – it’s a deep insight into the spiritual world, the world of our ancestors, the world of the gods, the world of demons and ghosts, the world of the plants and their spirits and – the animal world. That makes the connection between psychedelic experiences and veganism – after understanding the oneness with all sentient beings you feel strong compassion and do care even more about the wellbeing of others, no matter whether human or non-human animals. Not putting cruelty and suffering – negative energy, bad karma, hormones of fear and pain etc. in your body obviously will expand your consciousness, make you more compassionate, which will make psychedelic experiences even deeper and clearer. The other way round, Yogis become vegan as a “side effect” from their mental training. Psychedelics are neither “drugs,” nor damaging. They are plants of the gods, medicine, travel agents through manifold realms of consciousness – worlds of magic, love and wisdom, enabling you to do the most intense self-exploration possible. So, nothing unhealthy about that! I can’t see any contradiction. Furthermore, veganism is much more than just a diet or a lifestyle. It is higher consciousness, pure compassion, care and respect for all lifeforms/species. But it is definitely NOT a religion, dogma or ideology. And the life-changing experiences of oneness and inter-connectedness, of course, contribute to a more integral perception of non-duality, of not being separated from the world surrounding ourselves. Both together, veganism and psychedelic experiences are the foundation for a peaceful and free world, knowing the greater power each of us has to choose and create the world he or she lives in, not just being thrown into a fixed reality, but merely constructing it“.

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